Personal Leadership Coach

bryan brownYou may recall the Leadership Assessment we went through back in early June. The final result was that Erin and Mike were qualified to be leaders within Mission To the World (MTW). One of the post-evaluation requirements was that Mike had to participate in a 90-day professional coaching relationship with Bryan Brown.

Bryan is a Professional Certified Coach. Among other things, Bryan helps coach Christian leaders to become more capable in leading others to better glorify God. Bryan has been working with Mike over the phone. They meet weekly and discuss how to turn Mike into a better Christ-honoring leader and mentor.

leaderBryan is  an ordained pastor in the PCA and previously served as a fulltime missionary with MTW. His insight and unique experience has been invaluable. Bryan had 28 of Mike’s friends, family and co-workers fill out an anonymous 360 evaluation on how Mike is perceived by others. The results of this evaluation has been the foundation of their weekly meetings. Bryan gives Mike weekly assignments and helps keep Mike accountable.

This critique and assessment has been invaluable and is helping Mike to grow as a leader and mentor. As the 90-days comes to a close it is easy to discern that Mike’s time with Bryan has been invaluable and worth the investment of time.