Political Protests In Honduras

torchFor three months Hondurans have been participating in weekly political protests. Frequent torchlight marches have taken place in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, our town of La Ceiba, and in many of the smaller towns.

The thousands of protestors are upset with the government’s handling of an embezzlement scandal. The national Supreme Court is currently investigating bribery, misappropriation of public funds, abuse of authority, and fraud within the Honduran Institute of Social Security. Over 50 people have been indicted in the scandal.

waterWhile the Honduran President has not been implicated in the scandal that lost over US$200 million, the protestors are upset of the government’s slow handling of the scandal.

Each Friday night thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands, of protestors are carrying torches and politically motivated signs, and marching the streets. The protests have been mostly non-violent, but some arson, vandalism and arrests have taken place.

The tone throughout the country is tense and there is much harsh language and bravado. Please be in regular prayer for the hostile situation and for the safety of everyone involved.