That Awkward Stare

stare (2)Our family loves Honduras. We love the culture and the people. For over seven years we have considered Honduras our home. But, we will never avoid the stare. You know the feeling. Kind of like when you walk out of the bathroom into a crowded room and realize you forgot to pull your pants up. Yeah, we get that every day in Honduras. The awkward stare.

Let’s face it, our family stands out in Honduras. Let’s review…Maddy has long blond hair in a land of black haired people. Mike is bald with a beard in a land where most men don’t loose their hair, nor grow beards. And, Erin… forget about it… she is 6’1″ tall in a land where the AVERAGE woman is 5’0″. Let’s not forget the out of place white skin where the typical skin colors are dark, darker and darkest. Freaks! We are all freaks!

Everywhere we go we get the stare. And, nobody is subtle about it. The bank, the market, the restaurant, the movies, the gas station, the hardware store. Yeah, everywhere we go we get the stare. Everyone stares. All at once. Sometimes the awkward stares are broken by the loud screams of a three-year-old yelling, “GRINGO!” But, then when the laughter stops, the stares continue.

WP_20150818_006We try to ignore it, but let’s face it, we are always going to stand out and we are always going to get the awkward stares. We aren’t stressed about it, we just wanted to give you a glimpse into our everyday life.