Mike And Erin In Africa – Part 4

Friday night we had dinner with Jizel, a Baptist missionary from Spain, who has lived in Equatorial Guinea for 15-years. She shared with us her experiences and ministry. She is a wonderful person with a beautiful heart for children’s ministry.

Saturday we went to the beach with the Carter family. Afterwards we had a meeting to learn about the history of the seminary (IBCP) and their plans for the future. We also had our first talk about the HIV/AIDS problem in Equatorial Guinea and brainstormed about options for an IBCP HIV ministry.

On Sunday morning we attended to a local church service. The pastor is a student of the IBCP seminary. He preached in Spanish and his helper translated into Fang, the local tribal dialect.

Internet is rare and slow here. We have lots of pictures we will upload after we leave Equatorial Guinea on September 20th. Please be patient with our limited communication. Creature comforts like potable water, consistent electricity and dependable internet are sporadic here.