Mike And Erin In Africa – Part 5

Monday morning we had our first Fang language lesson. The Fang tribe is the dominant tribe in Equatorial Guinea. Almost everyone here speaks Spanish, but Fang is their first language. Fang is a tonal language and at one point we were doing so poorly that all three of us (including our diminutive teacher) were laughing hysterically. After an hour we made some progress.

Monday afternoon we spent several hours tackling the seminary library project. The library is an organized mess of uncatalogued and cataloged Spanish and English theology books mixed together. While Mike worked on some minor repair projects Erin began cataloging books using the dewy decimal system.

Monday evening we attended a seminary class and then had dinner with our hosts, the Carters.

Tuesday morning we got out to see the stores. We went to various stores to get an idea of what is offered and of the local economy.

Tuesday afternoon we had lunch with the seminary staff and teachers to get the big picture and future plans of the IBCP seminary.

Equatorial Guinea is hard living and we are told it “chews up and spits out” missionaries. Electricity and internet are poor and inconsistent. The water is undrinkable and the showers are cold. The Malaria, Dengue and other mosquito born disease are rampant. Malaria medication and mosquito netting are a must. The culture has a mix of Catholic, animistic and witchcraft. It is easy to see why many missionaries don’t last long here.