Mike And Erin In Africa – Part 6

Tuesday afternoon Mike and Erin continued on the seminary’s library project. We cataloged hundreds of Spanish language theology books and tried to help the overflowing library.

Tuesday evening we taught chapel at the seminary. We taught part one in a three-part series on Christian leadership. Mike and Erin told a few stories from ministry in Honduras and shared how they are applicable to the church leaders in Equatorial Guinea.

Wednesday morning we were instructed by Geronimo on our second and final lesson in Fang. While Spanish is the official language of government and education in Equatorial Guinea, the tribal language of Fang is the heart language for the plurality of the country.

In the afternoon we had lunch with Baptist missionaries from Mexico and learned about their experiences in their two-years in Equatorial Guinea. They are planting a church here in the city of Bata.

We shared a meal Wednesday afternoon with a Christian Fang couple in their simple home.

Wednesday evening Mike taught a second lesson at the seminary chapel. Mike taught a brief lesson on Titus 1:5-9 on leadership and explained to these pastors and church leaders that Christian leadership is more about character than it is knowledge or charisma.

Thursday afternoon we had lunch with the professors of the seminary. We talked family, and theology and the seminary.