Trip To Equatorial Guinea – Final Report

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20150922_30On Wednesday we return home to Honduras following a 11-day trip to Equatorial Guinea in Africa. Equatorial Guinea is the only official Spanish speaking country in Africa. They declared independence from Spain in 1968. Our trip was somewhat of a learning exchange with the missionaries working in the city of Bata.

The ministry we visited is lead by Jason and Lisa Carter, missionaries with WEC. The Carters are from the US and have been in Equatorial Guinea for a few years off and on. They are in the 40s and have three great boys.

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20150922_31Mike, primarily focused his time on the seminary ministry. The IBCP seminary has been in operation for 20+ years and has graduated hundreds of students through its 4-year seminary program. It has also recently opened a master’s level program. The students are taught be two North American missionaries, Andrew and Jason, and several Guinean professors. All classes are taught in Spanish. While at the IBCP seminary Mike taught three chapel services and sat in on a half-dozen classes.

Erin spent a large amount of time focusing on medical and mercy ministries. She talked with several people about the high HIV rate in Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20150922_32Equatorial Guinea and talked with several pastors about how they could do HIV work from their churches. Erin visited the local hospital to learn about the government’s work with HIV patients. She met with several nurses and doctors.

It was an amazing opportunity to share our experience with this ministry and to learn greatly from their experiences. The living in Equatorial Guinea is hard for the nationals and missionaries. We had many meetings with the missionaries, seminary professors and pastors to share knowledge and ministry experiences. The internet is slow, the electricity is sporadic, the water is undrinkable, the illnesses are high and the need is great for quality theological education and medical/mercy ministries. The missionaries there are doing amazing work with the local evangelical pastors and church leaders. We were impressed with how much they all did with so little. It was a pleasure to participate in and learn about these ministries.