Honduras Seminary Near Capacity

FB_20150929_09_10_28_Saved_PictureOur theological seminary in La Ceiba, Honduras has been open for less than a year. In fact, the physical seminary itself hasn’t even been constructed. Our seminary is currently open and classes are being taught in the dinning room of our downtown ministry center. However, there is starting to be a big problem. The small dinning hall is starting to fill at an alarming rate with new students. This is a wonderful problem to figure out how to address.

Currently the seminary is teaching a basic level, for lower education students, and an advanced level, for more educated students. The pictures in this post C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_untitledare of the lower level course. They are currently receiving instruction on a class on The Gospels.

Theological education and theological resources are extremely rare in Central America. Whenever resources are provided they are devoured and shared. Most of the students attending our seminary are not our church planting pastors. They are church leaders taking Reformed theology back to their home churches.

Please be in prayer we can raise the funds to continue construction on our seminary building and pray additional students pour into our seminary to be fed with quality theological training.