FAQ – Why Equatorial Guinea?

small mapWhen this all began we didn’t go looking for a new ministry. The ministry in Equatorial Guinea wasn’t something we sought out. There was no desire in us to move from Honduras. Come on, let’s be frank, we had to look on the map to even find Equatorial Guinea. But, once God placed the Guinean people on our heart, we knew we were being called to go.

The country is about the size of Maryland and has only 750,000 residents. Equatorial Guinea received its independence from Spain in 1968. The official language of Equatorial Guinea is Spanish. Spanish is used in schools, the government and commerce. While two-thirds of the people speak Spanish, 85% of the country speaks the tribal language of Fang. Our knowledge of Spanish will be immediately useful, but we will have to learn the Fang language and culture to interact with the people.

homeTwenty-two percent of the country is unemployed. It has one of the highest AIDS rates and one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Only 5% of the country is evangelical and witchcraft is very prominent in the everyday life of the Guinean people. Witchcraft is blamed for illness, poor economics, misfortune, robbery, death or anything negative in ones life. Practitioners of witchcraft are prevalent and frequently used in place of western medicine or theology.

There is a huge physical and spiritual need in Equatorial Guinea. Mike and Erin will come alongside a nationally run theological seminary to share their God given gifts with those in need. Our entrepreneurial spirit and our giftings are a perfect match for the needs of Christ’s kingdom in Equatorial Guinea.


Following the announcement on Oct. 15th that we are moving to Equatorial Guinea we received many questions. To help explain it all we created a series of FAQ blogs. We hope you enjoy this series. E-mail us if you have a question you’d like answered in a future FAQ post.