A New 13-Year-Old And Her Baby In Our Girl’s Home

13One of the most impactful ministries we have ever experienced is Puerta de Esperanza (Door Of Hope) here in La Ceiba with Team Honduras. This ministry is a home where single teenage moms and their babies live. They are taught parenting, Scripture and responsibility.

This month Puerta de Esperanza received its two newest residents, a 13-year-old mom and her new baby. This is the youngest mom to move into the home. But, it is not all that strange. The average age of a first birth in Honduras is 15 years of age.

This young girl who gave birth in October makes it three young moms now living in the home. This is the second children’s home this young mom has lived in the past month.

Please pray for her, her baby, the house staff and the other young moms as they all adjust to this big change. Pray this young mom and her baby can experience the grace, love and mercy of Christ in Puerta de Esperanza.