Theology Books And Early Christmas For Honduran Pastors

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20151127_57Mike and Erin spent an afternoon last week visiting two of our favorite Honduran pastors and their families. Pastor Donanldo and Pastor Vincente are two of our national church planters. In addition, our family has a strong relationship with the spouses and kids of both pastors. It was fun to catch up with them and share some blessings for their kids and their churches.

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20151127_58We were able to share with each pastor over 30 theology books, dozens of evangelism tracts, catechism materials and a binder full of a thousand theology articles. In addition, thanks to a generous PCA church in Maryland, we provided each of the pastors’ kids with an early Christmas gift bag. Each bag was full of toiletries, a Spanish New Testament, school supplies and toys.

It was a blessing for us to spend time with each family. It was also a blessing for each of their ministries and their families.