FAQ – What’s The History Of The Seminary You’ll Serve In EG?

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20151120_51When we arrive in the city of Bata our ministry will be focused around the evangelical seminary Institute Bíblico “Casa de la Palabra” (IBCP). IBCP is the largest inter-denominational evangelical seminary in Equatorial Guinea. It has served students from 50 denominations and from Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe, Benin, Venezuela, Brazil, Canada, United States.

IBCP has been training local leaders and future pastors in Bata since 1992. It also opened a second campus in the capital city of Malabo on the island of Bioko in 2009. IBCP has around 15 national professors and two missionary professors teaching on the two campuses. The seminary offers a two-year Certificate in Biblical Studies program and a four-year Diploma in Theology program.

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20151120_52In 1996, the seminary celebrated its first graduation when three students were trained for the ministry and later ordained as pastors by their local churches. Since then, graduates have been ordained as pastors in local African denominations, have planted new churches in rural areas, have worked in dynamic ministries with children and have been involved in indigenous Bible translation projects.

Mike will teach seminary classes in the Biblical Studies program and will mentor students individually to help them apply their knowledge in their churches. Erin will work with the students of the seminary to help start HIV counseling programs and medical/mercy outreach in their churches. Erin will also help form a women’s program for the female students of the seminary.