Farewells In Honduras

shannonIt is important to say goodbye well. Our family spent much of November and December saying farewell to friends and teammates. We shared meals, gatherings and social events with dozens of missionaries and dozens of Honduran nationals. Many of these people have been friends for over seven years. Others, Mike interviewed, hired and trained to labor by our sides. But, all have had a special place in our lives.

rogerWe hosted individual meals with Sarah, Kevin, Matt, the Ordoñez family, the Troxells, the McLaughlins, the Guilléns, the Manaizas, the Guevaras, the Clows, the Cains and more. Most of the meals were cooked by Erin in the intimate setting of our home.

We went to the movies with several friends and visited the homes of dozens more. It was important for us to close out our 7 1/2 years in Honduras well. We were able to laugh and cry and thank people for their friendship, service and sacrifice for our family and ministry. It has been an emotionally draining, but very important farewell tour.