FAQ – Why Aren’t We Already In EG?

Way back in October we announced we were going to move to Equatorial Guinea and begin a new ministry for MTW. So, why are we still in Honduras? And, why don’t we leave for Africa until March 30th? Good questions my friends. Let’s explore the reasons.

First off, we had some already scheduled ministry events we needed to conclude and turn over to other missionaries.

to doSecond, we had to legally transfer the Honduran ministry from the Pettengills to the Clows. Following seven years in charge of Team Honduras everything was in the Pettengill name. The denomination, two properties, the girls home, the high school, the medical clinic and streetchild ministry were all in our name and had to be changed with the Honduran government. It took our amazing attorney almost two-months to complete the transfer.

Third, we had to sell our belongings. Our truck, motorcycle, furniture, etc. all had to be sold. Seven years of accumulation had to be eliminated. Erin did an amazing job selling everything so fast.

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20151226_67Fourth, our daughter Madison was given the gift of a free flight to Honduras for Christmas. This was an unexpected blessing. She was able to say goodbye to her childhood home and friends over Christmas break.

Fifth, we wanted to say goodbye properly to missionaries, national partners and friends. Over seven years of life and ministry can’t just be turned off. We made over a dozen meals and dozens of house visits.

Those reasons are why it has taken us so long to leave Honduras. When we fly away from Honduras on February 8th we will have ended well and closed out our life in our adopted home.

So, why will we then spend seven weeks in the US? Why are we waiting until March 30th to leave for Africa? Good question? Let’s explore.

injectionsWe have additional support to raise, so we are going to visit five churches. To better prepare us for Africa we are attending three different missionary training events. We are going to help train new MTW missionaries for a week. And, we need to buy ministry supplies and get inoculations for Equatorial Guinea.

There you have it. Now you can see all that we’ve had to cram into only five months. In order to transition properly we needed this time. Pray the transition continues to go well.