FAQ – What Is Church Like In EG?

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20160127_76The evangelical culture in Equatorial Guinea is predominantly Pentecostal. The history of the evangelical church in Africa mixed with the African culture makes for a church service that quite a bit more loud and energetic than most of our Presbyterian friends are used to.

The congregation is very vocal. Lots of loud singing, hand clapping and dancing. Prayer is very energetic and vocal. When the offering occurs, the congregation lines up and walks to the front to place their tithes in the basket at the front of church. The church leadership sits separate from the rest of the congregation, as do the worship and prayer teams.

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20160127_77At one of the two churches we attended the pastor preached in Spanish and a translator translated in Fang. At the second church the message was preached only in Spanish. During both services the pastors were very energetic and loud.

These are not negative critiques, only observations. In our time in Honduras we have learned to appreciate a more energetic church service than we were used to in the US. The churches in Equatorial Guinea turn up the energy level compared to what we have experienced in the US or Honduras.