Erin’s Month In Belgium

erin marlowesErin just finished spending a month in Brussels, Belgium. She was in Belgium helping to train new MTW missionaries at the biannual Cross Cultural Missions Intensive (CCMI). There were 16 new MTW missionaries were being prepared to serve in eight different countries.

Erin worked as a counselor and trainer for the missionaries. She mentored five of the missionaries and supervised six during daily ministry. Erin met with each missionary one-on-one, taught them in groups, sat in on educational panels and made solo presentations.

Erin outErin worked with the new missionaries while ministering in local churches. She followed and observed them as they maneuvered through new cultures and unfamiliar settings. Erin was able to speak into their lives and guide them as they experienced new stresses and culture shock. She prayed with them, cried with them and let them learn from her mistakes.

erin talkingThe CCMI training is something every MTW missionary goes through and remembers with varying degrees of joy and disdain. The process is intended to take a missionary out of their comfort zone in a controlled and supervised environment. It is both classroom training and hands on ministry. Erin and the other mentors observed and provided feedback. The training does a wonderful job preparing a missionary for the culture shock they have in front of them.

Erin loves helping new missionaries and she does a wonderful job with them. She has been invited to return as a CCMI mentor next January.