Orality Training

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20160211_86February 10-12 Mike and Erin attended MTW’s training on Oral Ministry Foundations. The training was focused on sharing biblical stories in a world that is dominated by oral learners. This very much describes the culture with which we will be working in Equatorial Guinea.

Over 5 billion people in the world can’t, don’t or won’t communicate via print. Our world today is a post-literacy culture. Sounds and image have replaced the written word. Oral learners can be literate or even educated, but prefer to receive information and learn using oral methods.

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20160212_87The way we “do missions” can be made harder if we don’t communicate like those we serve. If we are serving an oral culture we shouldn’t necessarily say, “read this tract,” “read this biblical commentary” or “read the Bible.” Instead, we should incorporate the telling of stories that incorporates the Christian worldview and biblical stories.

By telling the stories found in Scripture, and not altering them, we are guarding the integrity of the Bible, protecting the crucial theology, creating community and creating a reproducible medium by which others will retell the story.

This was a very useful training and we are happy to have participated.