FAQ – Why Do They Speak Spanish In EG?

Spanish has been an official language of Equatorial Guinea since 1844. It is the language of education, commerce and government. Spanish is spoken by 67.6% of Equatorial Guineans. While Fang is the heart language of most of culture and the most common language, Spanish is the official language.

drinkOf the 54 countries in Africa, Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish speaking country on the continent. The Spanish language is a remnant of the centuries of being ruled by Spain.

Spain has had a presence in Central Africa since the 15th century. They have had an official and legal presence since the 18th century. Spanish Guinea, as it was previously known, was a territory of Spain from 1778 to 1968. Equatorial Guinea gained its independence from Spain in 1968.

The Spanish we learned in Latin America gives us a great base from which to start. The Spanish in Equatorial Guinea has a Castilian accent and some of the vocabulary is different, but nothing we can’t learn.