FAQ – How Are The Utilities In Our Home In EG?

The infrastructure will be a challenge and make life and ministry harder. This is something we are not looking forward to, but are trying to prepare for.

The electricity in the city of Bata is tied to hydroelectric power. Therefore, in the rainy season power is more reliable, but in the dry season power can be out for weeks at a time. We will try to supplement our household power with solar, but that will not provide enough power to create a seamless transition, only enough to run low lights and charge a phone.

The water is contaminated out of the tap and must be purified. We will need to treat all water before we drink it. Our water comes from a well and is dependent on an electric pump. When electricity is out we have no water. For these times we will capture rain water off our roof and save it in 50 gallon barrels for emergencies.

phoneInternet is slow and very intermittent. Our internet will come via cell chips placed in USB antennas plugged into the side of our computer. There are no cable or dish options.

Phone service is via cell phones. Cell phones are common, but service is very expensive.

With so many challenges, daily life will be a hard. Please pray for peace in our hearts and the ability to die to our dependence on things we have viewed as necessities.