First Few Days In Our New Home

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20160404_118Things are going well. We have spent our first few days getting our new house in order. Without the Carter family we would be lost. They picked us up at the airport, cleaned our home and got it ready for us, have been running us around to purchase basics, have been feeding us multiple times a day and have been shepherding us through the process.

Three of our first four days we had lengthy power outages, which also halts water to the house, as the water is pulled from a well by an electric pump. The weather is warm and humid, not unlike La Ceiba.

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20160404_117Our first two big purchases have been made. We have a gas/electric stove and and refrigerator. We have purchased phone chips for local cell service and we have purchased an internet chip that provides very slow service for a very high price.

We are meeting our neighbors and settling in. Mike is installing solar security lights and Erin is working on a garden. We’ve put in about 10-12 hours a day unpacking, cleaning and organizing. We are loving our new home and adopted culture.

More to come.