Fang Language Lessons Begin

WP_20160503_017On Tuesday morning we started our Fang lessons with Geronimo. Geronimo will be visiting our home for one hour every Tuesday and Thursday morning to teach us the Fang culture and the Fang language.

Equatorial Guinea has eight recognized languages. While Spanish is the official language, 85% of the country is of the Fang ethnic tribe. Fang is the first language of most people and is the preferred language in daily interactions and social settings.

We can minister and live in Equatorial Guinea with only Spanish. But, to better understand the people and to speak to their heart we will need to learn the Fang culture and language.

To see a few Fang words go HERE. To hear the Fang language go HERE. Also, fun fact, Fang was the African dialect used by Shakira in her hit 2010 World Cup song Waka Waka.