Communication From Central Africa

communicationWhen we arrived in Equatorial Guinea we stressed about communication. It has been a large part of our ministry and we knew moving here would create challenges for us in this area.

As Christians we are responsible to lift up our fellow believers and make it easier for them to glorify God (Deuteronomy 22:4, Proverbs 27:17, Galatians 6:1-5). Working together to advance God’s plan for Equatorial Guinea both our supporters and our family have responsibilities. Part of our job is to provide you with everything you need to better pray for us and the people of Equatorial Guinea. If you don’t know what to pray for we have not done our job. Mike has written an article on this topic titled Why Missionaries Should Communicate – And Churches Should Demand It.

We want you to have everything you need to feel like you are an active part of this ministry. To that end we provide lots of ways you can receive information about this ministry. No matter how you like to receive your news and prayer requests we have a resource to assist you. We never want you wondering what is going on in Equatorial Guinea.

Instagram – Mike and Erin both have set up accounts to provide regular views of our life in Central Africa. We are providing everything from the humorous to the heartbreaking.

Twitter – Mike and Erin both have accounts so you can get frequent tweets to your smart phone or computer. This provides up to the minute pictures, prayer requests and news.

Two Blogs – Mike and Erin both maintain regular accounts of daily life. Several times a week you receive stories, pictures and videos.

Facebook – We have a secret ministry Facebook page so you can receive prayer letters, videos, pictures and daily updates. You need our permission to view it. Just ask and we’ll add you. You’ll find things here you won’t see anywhere else.

Blog Reader – If you use a blog reader to keep up with multiple blogs, we provide an RSS feed to allow you easier access to our posts.

YouTube – We have produced over 250 ministry videos to help you see the faces of the people you pray for. New videos are added frequently.

communicationE-mail Newsletter – Each month we send our prayer letter via e-mail. Sign up to receive our one page update with stories, prayer requests, pictures and a schedule of future activities directly to your in-box.

To keep you informed and to help you pray for us please subscribe to all modes of communication that best fit your lifestyle. God is glorified if his work is done and nobody hears, but when his work is done and we shout it from the mountaintops he receives all the more glory.

Whatever way you get your information, we have you covered.