Water Update

WP_20160711_002It is time for a Pettengill water update. You may recall two-months ago we were stressing about the upcoming water shortage associated with current dry season. As a reminder, the dry season is (roughly) June 15 – September 1. During that period we get little rain and the wells dry up. Typically, our community has no water for most of that period. Originally, we stressed about not having sufficient water reserves and adding our daughter Maddy for the summer.

We are now one full month into the rainy season and we are glad to report our family is in good shape. Thanks to an unexpected rainstorm that brought two inches of rain in one hour, we are still sitting on 1,100 gallons of rain water reserve, with only 45-days of dry season left. You can see by the picture on the right that the black thousand gallon water container has rain water all the way to the top.

WP_20160711_004Our well is still producing water, but we are only using one-gallon of that a day to bucket flush our toilet and two-gallons a day to hand wash our dishes. Our clothes are getting washed by the “never ending” dirty water from the well down the hill and all of our showers and dinking water are coming from the rain water we have been collecting and storing in our 1,056 gallon water storage tank.

In addition, Maddy is going to head back to school in a month, so our water consumption will go down for the final crucial weeks of dry season.

In short, it looks like we are in good shape to survive our first dry season. Thank you for your prayers and many notes of concern. Keep praying our water reserve holds out and the rainy season starts as planned on September 1st. Also, please pray for our neighbors who don’t have nearly the water reserve we do.