Seminary Construction Projects Strarted

Construction and maintenance projects are underway at our IBCP seminary. You may recall back in May Mike was put in charge of getting a few of the physical projects on the seminary grounds completed. The summer months are a great chance to get this done as there are no classes in session.

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20160510_142[1]We have raised a little money to fund a few of the construction and maintenance projects. Mike is working with local laborers and material suppliers. The first project being addressed is the removal of an old chain-link fence and the building of a secure and attractive cinderblock wall in its place.

The old fence was dangerous with kids around. It was an awful eyesore. And, it provided no border security for the property. This new fence will address all of that and provide jobs for local construction workers.

WP_20160719_006The building of the wall will take a few weeks and then the same crew will start work on the next project on the seminary grounds. Mike will oversee these construction projects one by one and will slowly increase the aesthetics and functionality of the seminary grounds. We’ll keep you informed how it all goes.

Please pray for the safety of the workers and that Mike can provide a strong witness to them.