Great News On Acts Class

actsThis fall one of the classes Mike will be teaching at the IBCP seminary is a course on the Book of Acts. Mike just got some amazing news on the textbook he will be using.

The students attending the seminary or typically poor pastors or church leaders of evangelical churches. The burden has been placed on Mike’s heart for the theological famine of the churches in this culture. It is one of our desires to use a quality Spanish language reformed and theologically sound textbook for each class we teach and provide it for the students for free. The idea is that when a pastor graduates from our seminary, he does so with a personal library of 20-30 quality theology books.

Mike found a great book he wanted to use, the Acts Commentary by John MacArthur. The problem was, this 688 page book costs $30. Multiply that by 25 students, a copy for Mike and a copy for our seminary library and the cost with tax was well over $1,000. That was just too much. Mike spent days on the internet looking for used or discounted copies, to no avail.

As a last ditch effort Mike e-mailed the publisher, Portavoz Printing to ask for a discount. Mike has done this kind of thing before, and understandably, publishers, who exist to make money, always turn him down. This week Mike got a response from the publisher that said they would sell the book to us at cost (less than $10 per copy) and would be happy to sell us any other books at the same discount in the future. They loved hearing about our ministry and want to be part of getting good theology into the hands of pastors.

The books will be in Central Africa in time to start the class. Praise God and thank you Portavoz.

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  1. I remember the time we turned a national pastor loose in our little church’s “book store” we’d put together for our missions conference. Suddenly we discovered he was amassing a stack. Our friend, a missionary who was with him, whispered that he’d foot the bill. Of course, my husband wouldn’t let that happen, but it was the first time (probably in the mid-late 70’s) that I’d even thought about the issue of a library for national pastors from poor countries. He left with a huge grin on his face and we shared the same.

    So excited for the seminary that the McArthur commentary isn’t just a one time offer!

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