Family Headed In Three Directions

WP_20160806_004Our little family is about to split up for a while. Next week the three of us are leaving Africa together to get some family time in Europe. After a week of seeing the sights Mike will return to Central Africa and Erin and Maddy will continue on to the US.

Maddy is about to start the fall semester at John Brown University. It is the beginning of her third year and she is excited. She loved EG, but is looking forward to electricity and long showers.

Erin will be in the US for a couple of weeks. She has a few medical issues to take care. Don’t stress about Erin’s health, but pray her two outpatient procedures go off without a hitch.

Mike will return to Central Africa to prepare for the class he will be teaching at the seminary. The class starts the first week of September. Mike will be by himself for two-weeks.

Our family has had a great time together this summer and we will miss Maddy. Please pray for our travels, our health, Maddy’s school, Erin’s medical stuff and Mike being a bachelor.