Three-Day Visit To Malabo

WP_20160809_032August 8-10 we took our third ministry visit to a new part of Equatorial Guinea to better understand the culture. Erin, Mike and Maddy spent three days in the capital city of Malabo. The capital is on the island of Bioko off the coast of the mainland. Malabo is a city of 180,000 people and has more of a modern and international influence than does the mainland.

Malabo is very different from where we live in Bata and drastically different than the rural areas we visited in Nsork and Cogo. Our IBCP seminary has a campus in the city of Malabo and both Mike and Erin will be teaching a class there in November. It benefits our ministry to get a better understanding of the cultural difference in Malabo.

WP_20160809_009Malabo is not only the political capital, but the cultural and financial centers of EG. The feel of Malabo is very different than anything we have experienced elsewhere in the country. Malabo has large, modern buildings occupied by companies and government officials. The major roads around Malabo are new and modern and wide.

EG has an extensive colonial history involving Portugal, England and Spain that dates back hundreds of years. Many 19th century Spanish buildings still exist throughout Malabo.

WP_20160809_005There is a strange dichotomy that exists in  Malabo. There are modern and historic buildings next to each other. There is super rich and super poor occupying the same city block. There is a modern EG flare as well as Bubi and Fang tribal cultures mixed in with Western and European influences.

This is very different than the rest of EG, but it is an important part of EG culture and valuable for us to better understand the people we serve.