Nine Years Of Being Missionaries

Utah1August 27th is the official nine-year anniversary of our family arriving on the mission field. August 27, 2007 we left Sacramento, CA (our home for 20 years) and moved to San Jose, Costa Rica.

After a year of studying Spanish in Costa Rica we moved to La Ceiba, Honduras and started a new ministry site for MTW. Following 7 1/2 years in Honduras we moved to Equatorial Guinea, to again start a new work for MTW.

WP_20160722_003It has been nine years of fulltime ministry service. We lived in three countries, on two continents. We are thrilled God is allowing us to be part of his great design to reach the lost.

Thank you to all those who have answered God’s call to partner with us through prayer and financial support. Thanks to all our missionary teammates for laboring alongside us. Thanks to our family and friends for tolerating our absence at weddings and birthdays. Thanks to our daughter for growing up in such a different way.

We look forward to laboring alongside all of you here in Central Africa.