Mike Preaching At Baptist Church

WP_20160904_006Mike was invited to preach on Sunday at the local Baptist church. He preached on the sovereignty of God and how God is in control of all that is around us. Mike talked about God’s dominion over the earth, the animals and the elements and how he uses our own free will choices to order his own glory. His message was well received by the congregation, who had lots of great questions after the service.

IWP_20160731_009t was a pleasure to preach at this church as this is the church Mike and Erin have prayerfully decided to call our EG church home. In our five-month hunt for an EG church home we attended a dozen churches to get a better understand of the culture and Christian atmosphere. We believe we received a healthy view of the diversity the local churches have to offer and have walked away with a good perspective.

InstagramCapture_ff6f58b3-4435-45ab-ad70-bb9d6ae8ca72It is likely Mike will be asked to preach frequently at other churches, but we wanted to attach ourselves to a congregation where we felt we could regularly be spiritually nourished and enjoy worshiping the Lord. The pastor is a student at our IBCP seminary. He is theologically sound, not a believer in the health and wealth gospel (which is prevalent here) and not afraid to preach on difficult passages from Scripture. The congregation is small (about 30 adults) and has a healthy view of serving each other and the community. It is exciting to have found a church home away from home.