First Week Of Seminary Instruction

wp_20160909_050The first week of seminary instruction kicked off for the fall semester at our IBCP seminary. New students and returning students attended an orientation on Monday to hear the seminary’s policies and to pray for the  semester.

Mike jumped right into instruction. He is teaching a 10-week Biblical English class. This course is designed to give the students an entry level understanding of English that can help in their theological research. Our seminary requires all students to pass a Biblical English proficiency exam. The idea behind this is, while many theology books are in Spanish, most of the world’s theology books are in English only and not translated into other languages. In order to research a theological issue a student or pastor will likely come across a need to do some research in a text that is only available in English.

The class is also intended to be a ministry and outreach to the community. Anyone is invited to attend and learn free of charge. This will provide a blessing for the community and help introduce potential new students to the seminary. Mike is using the English Bible as the primary text for the English vocabulary and pronunciation.