Mike Preaching In Chapel

wp_20160912_015Our IBCP seminary holds daily chapel services for the students attending classes. Each week Mike is preaching at chapel three times a week.  Mike is in the middle of preaching a 24 sermon series through the Book of Jonah that will last through the middle of November.

Chapel services are designed to provide spiritual nourishment for the students, and to give them additional training on biblical models of preaching. Many of the students are current or future pastors. Mike is modeling a preaching style that will take short passages (often a single verse per message) and demonstrate to the students how to turn a single Bible verse into a 30-minute sermon. Mike wants the students to see how when proper prayer and research are applied to Scripture a pastor can find great substance within a seemingly simple verse of the Bible.

As an example, this week Mike is preaching three chapel sermons on three verses from Jonah, one sermon each day on Jonah 1:4, 1:5 and 1:6. Pray Mike can be true to God’s word and pray he can help the students glorify God in their own ministries.