Presented At Church

presentedOn Sunday Mike and Erin were brought to the front of church during the morning worship service and prayed over by the congregation at the small Baptist church which will serve as our church home in EG. Pastor Jose Louis welcomed us and the congregation made us feel like part of the family. Of all the churches we visited in EG we are most pleased with the theology and biblical instruction at this church.

Within the model of mission promoted by the PCA and MTW we remain members of our home church back in California. Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church (SOPC) sent us to the mission field. We are still accountable to the Session of SOPC and they are responsible for our spiritual health and wellbeing.

The local Baptist church will be our African church home and we are excited to serve them and receive spiritual nourishment from them. In following a biblical approach to church, we look forward to working in a local context with this church.