Delayed Return For Our Teammates

cartersThe ministry team at our IBCP seminary consists of us, the Carter family, and a large group of African board members, staff and professors. The Carters are the only other North American missionaries attached to our ministry. They are a family of five who have been serving off and on for a dozen years here in EG.

The Carters left for the US in June for what was scheduled to be a three-month furlough. They were going to rest and take care of a couple of medical issues. Following some unforeseen complications their return to EG has been delayed. They’re not certain when they will return to serve by our sides.

Mike has been asked to step in and fulfill some of the Carters’ personal and ministerial obligations. We are thrilled at the opportunity to be able serve the Carter family and provide them with the time and freedom they need to get everything in order back in the US.

Please be in prayer for the Carter family. Pray they will take their time, embrace each other, rest, heal and return to Central Africa only when they are fully ready. Pray for the Pettengills as our workload has increased with the addition of ministry responsibilities.