Six Months In EG

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20160330_114It is hard to believe, but we arrived in our new ministry home here in Central Africa six months ago. Some things have been hard to adjust to and others have been surprisingly easy.

HERE is a 5-minue video update to celebrate our six-months in country.

There really hasn’t been much culture shock. We think that might have to do with our experience of living 8 1/2 years in Latin America. Central Africa and Latin America are very different, but once you come to the realization that the world’s cultures are drastically different from ours in the US, change is change. We have experienced many new and wild things, but when you expect there will be differences, the impact on your senses is lessoned.

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20160416_130[1]The lack of creature comforts has been hard to adjust to. The daily lifestyle here is harder than anything we’ve ever experienced. Unreliable internet and electricity, transporting and purifying your water, bucket flushing your toilet and 1 1/2 gallon showers. One at a time, these things don’t sound so bad, but, like Chinese water torcher, they begin to chip away at you. Day to day life takes its toll on you. You seem fine for weeks, then the power goes out in the middle of a project and you burst into tears.

prayerThe ministry and the people are great. We love the ministry and the direction we can help take it. Our teammates, our national ministry partners and our neighbors are all good folks. White faces are still such an oddity here we get gawked at wherever we go, but the culture is inviting and friendly, and people are open to talk.

Much of our early months were spent in figuring out the culture, language learning, setting up houselearning where to shop and learning our way around. We are now into the swing of things. We are participating in daily ministry. We are embracing the culture. And, we are better understanding the culture and how to “blend in.”

Thank you for doing your part and praying for us and supporting this ministry. Please keep praying. We look forward to the next six months, and the next six months, and…