Erin Hosts Medical Clinic At Church

wp_20161011_018Earlier this week Erin hosted a one-day medical clinic at the church of pastor Modesto Engonga Ondo. Pastor Modesto is a student and active leader at our IBCP seminary. This is an ongoing ministry Erin is regularly providing to the students and faculty of our seminary. Erin will continue to hold clinics for churches which send students to study at our seminary in an effort to continue to bless their ministries and provide tangible examples of mercy and service.

Pastor Modesto enlisted the help of three Guinean nurses from his congregation to help at the clinic. This was wonderful. Not only were they a big help to Erin, but it was an example of Guineans helping Guineans, which is what we want to promote. wp_20161011_005The nurses took vitals (blood pressure, oxygen levels, temperature, blood sugar and more) and one of the nurses served as a Fang language translator for some of the patients who spoke no Spanish.

Erin treated 25 patients. She was able to provide medical education and dietary information to help many of the patients with life changes which are easy to make in the home. She had a couple of heart wrenching cases with patients who couldn’t afford the treatment they needed or couldn’t get the treatment here. It was a successful day for God’s glory and Modesto’s church.