Mike Preaching Chapter Two Of Jonah

wp_20161017_004On Monday Mike continued preaching through of the Book of Jonah at the chapel services of our IBCP seminary. Back in the first week of September Mike began preaching three times a week through the Book of Jonah. It took Mike 12 messages to take the students through the first 17 verses of the book. Finally on Monday Mike started preaching from chapter two of Jonah.

The seminary students have really enjoyed going slow and picking through the nuances of this familiar OT book. Mike has been taking the students through parallel passages in other parts of Scripture and exploring the fine points of the original Hebrew text.

Mike has enjoyed preaching at three chapel services a week and the seminary students have enjoyed the meticulous analyses of the biblical text. When it is all finished Mike will preach through the 48 verses of Jonah in 24 sermons. Only 11 more messages to go.