30 Days Of Prayer In November

wp_20161023_009November is MTW’s “30-Days Of Prayer” for missions. In an effort to provide you with an easy way to pray for the Pettengill family, and the people we serve, we are providing you with a daily prayer guide for the month of November.

Please download and print THIS CALENDAR and pray each day for God’s work in Equatorial Guinea. We are asking you to pass it out at your church, put it in your church bulletin and give it to your friends and family. Tape it to your computer screen, refrigerator or dashboard and pray every day. Post the calendar on your blog and forward it via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Our ministry is not simply our family. You, our prayer warriors and supporters, are just as valuable as the missionaries on the ground. The Pettengills were called by God to go, and you are called by God to pray. Together we will serve God’s purpose for his work in Equatorial Guinea.

One thought on “30 Days Of Prayer In November”

  1. Thank you for sending that calendar with e request every day! This will help mr to remember to pray and what to pray for.

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