Enjoying Our African Church

wp_20160710_012Each week we have been attending the little Baptist church around the corner from our house. You will recall after visiting a dozen EG churches we decided to call this our church home and we were accepted into fellowship at the church. The preaching is sound, the worship is good and the fellowship is enjoyable While we are the only non-African regular attenders, the church is truly multi-cultural. Preaching is in Spanish, music is in Spanish and Fang. And, periodically prayers or Bible reading is done in Fang (tribal), Combi (another tribe), Spanish (official), French (from Cameroon) or English (that’s us).

Mike and Erin have been getting involved in ministry at the church. Mike is scheduled to preach again in a few weeks and Erin is scheduled to teach adult Sunday school. We have even been invited to purchase church uniforms, which is kind of a big deal…everyone in the church buys the same African print material and has a custom outfit made to their liking. Then on special occasions the whole church wears their church uniform to match. Kind of cool.

Pastor Jose Louis has asked us to get more involved during the week by teaching women’s, men’s or youth Bible classes. At this point we can’t, because the times conflict with our teaching schedule at the seminary. While we are jumping into a regular Sunday preaching and teaching routine, we will prayerfully considering how we can expand our involvement with the congregation.

wp_20161030_001The church is near the capacity of their small building (above) and they have started construction of a new larger building on the same property. This new building will have things the current one doesn’t, like classrooms, toilets and an office for the pastor. They are literally paying for the church a block at a time. Most of the congregants are very poor and construction is moving slowly, but they are doing it.

Please pray we can continue to be spiritually fed, but that we can also serve others.