Erin Treats Over 200 Kids In One Day

wp_20161103_020On Thursday Erin provided medical treatment for 246 kids at a Christian elementary school near our home called Morada de Paz (Abode of Peace). Each child received a deworming treatment and every child under the age of five received vitamin A to help with vision.

The Director of the school heard through the grapevine there was a new Christian missionary nurse in town and he hunted Erin down. He visited our home last week and asked Erin is she would consider taking a job at the school as the school nurse. Erin politely declined the invitation to work at the school, but said she would be wp_20161103_027interested in visiting the school periodically and providing occasional medical help. Erin will likely return to the school a couple of times a month and host a medical clinic for students and staff.

Mike and Erin visited the school on Monday to look around. After seeing the facility and talking to the staff Erin agreed to host this one day deworming and vitamin A clinic.

These kids come from mostly super-poor families who live in our neighborhood and whose parents would have difficulty affording this type of medical treatment elsewhere. wp_20161031_049The healthcare system is socialized and most medical care comes at a very nominal cost. However, the taxi fare and medicine put the cost of medical treatment out of reach for many families.

Erin, who is a Pediatric Nurse, has a soft spot for kids. You will likely see more blogs in the future of Erin providing care for the kids in EG.