Erin Treats 50 At Church Clinic

wp_20161108_011On Tuesday Erin hosted a free medical clinic at Iglesia de Cristo Belen (Christ Church Belen) on the outskirts of our city. Erin treated 50 people at the clinic. All the patients were members or neighbors of the church pastored by Agustín Mikó Anvene Asangono. Pastor Agustín is a student at our IBCP seminary. These regular clinics are designed to benefit the students, leaders and professors of our seminary.

The previous day Erin had purchased a large number of malaria tests and medicine to treat malaria. That was a wonderful providential blessing as fifteen of her 50 patients tested positive for malaria and received the 24-pill wp_20161108_003treatment for free. Malaria is the number four cause of death in EG and 25% of the population gets it every year.

Erin treated a two-year-old boy who was in the middle of a severe asthma attack. She was able to diagnose and treat him and send his mom home with the medicine he needs for the future.

There was a boy who had indentations and his blackened finger nails. This stumped Erin. She treated it as a type of fungus, but still isn’t positive of the cause or treatment.

wp_20161108_006Erin sent the mother of a three-month-old baby on an emergency trip to the hospital. The child had a severe respiratory infection and wouldn’t last long without the proper treatment.

Erin also treated a 14-year-old pregnant girl. She was able to confirm that both the mom and baby were in good health.

These clinics are a huge blessing for the members and community of the churches served. Almost none of these people can afford care and this provides a wonderful opportunity for them to receive the grace and mercy found only in Christ.