Erin Speaks On AIDS At EG Conference

wp_20161111_008On Friday Erin took a trip to the city of Cogo to speak at a one-day Christian conference. Pastor Clemente, who hosted the conference at his church, is a student at our seminary. You may recall our family stayed in Clemente’s home for four-days back in July to get to learn more about the rural Fang culture.

Erin gave a presentation on HIV/AIDS and the role of the Christian church. More than 100 people attended and listened to Erin’s presentation. She fielded 30 minutes of questions after her talk. This is a hot topic here as nearly 10% of the population is HIV+. The stigmas, perceived treatment and the Christian response were topics Erin covered. Public knowledge on this issue is shockingly low considering the amount of global resources poured into HIV education, prevention and treatment in Africa.

Erin’s presentation was well received. There was lots of interaction and interest from the group.