Advent Starts In One-Week – Are You Ready?

The advent season begins on Sunday, November 27th and ends on Christmas day. This year the advent season is 29-days long. Celebrating advent is a way Christians can set aside a little time each day to re-focus our hearts on the birth of Jesus Christ. Too often in our busy Western lives, Christmas becomes about gifts, parties, ski trips and business. Our focus gets distracted from what is most important.

Front Cover MediumAn advent devotional is a wonderful way for a church or family to join together and daily glorify Christ through worship and prayer. Many families and churches cherish the structure and accountability of pouring through an organized study together.

Mike has written and published a 2016 advent devotional to provide Scripture, study and guided prayer each of the 29-days of advent. The words are Mike’s, the original artwork is our daughter Madison’s and we pray the glory is God’s. You still have time to order a hardcopy or Kindle version of Coming Into the World. To order a copy for yourself or as a gift for a friend and have it delivered to your home or office go HERE.