Erin Hosts Mobile Clinic At Church

wp_20161122_011Erin hosted a medical clinic in the church of pastor Jose Mari Nzang Ebang. Erin treated 90 patients at the church. Pastor Jose Mari is a student at our IBCP seminary. These regular clinics are designed to benefit the ministry of those pastors and church leaders associated with the seminary.

The clinic was held at the church Ministerios Nueva Jerusalen (New Jerusalem Ministries) in the poor neighborhood of Ecobenam. The church is a little over two-years old and this type of event really lends legitimacy to the church in the eyes of the community. Three national wp_20161122_004nurses also volunteered their time to help take vitals and translate into Fang for the older patients. It is so incredible to have national helpers to promote nationals helping nationals.

Erin consulted 40 patients and another 50 kids received vitamin A (for vision) and parasite medication. Amazingly, Erin only had one patient test positive for Malaria. At most of her clinics she usually has 15 or more with Malaria.

wp_20161122_002Erin diagnosed a 58-year-old man with high blood pressure and a heart murmur. Both maladies were new information for the man. Erin explained to him that he needed to consult specialists and the man seemed responsive. Erin also had a very emotional conversation with a 22-year-old HIV+ mother and her 4-month-old HIV+ baby. The mother acknowledged she wasn’t taking the free HIV anti-retroviral drugs because of the public stigma that goes along with HIV. Erin informed the young lady she could live another 40 years if she takes her drugs or another two years if she doesn’t take them. The young lady promised Erin she would go to the hospital and get her free medication and start taking it. Please pray she does.