Erin Teaching HIV/AIDS And The Church

wp_20161129_008On Friday Erin concluded teaching the first week of a course at the Malabo campus of our IBCP seminary. Erin has 13 students in her class called “HIV/AIDS and the Responsibility of the Church.” All of Erin’s students are pastors or church leaders in the capital city of Malabo on the island of Bioko. The course last two-weeks. Erin is teaching three-hours a day, five-nights a week.

Each class has been a minefield as Erin is navigating the balance between Christians who feel HIV is God’s response to sin and a culture which doesn’t have its views on AIDS based on science. Erin is teaching on topics like, what is HIV, the myths, case studies, the Christian response and how to create an HIV ministry in your church.

wp_20161130_001Each student receives a free copy of a student manual and an AIDS book. Erin created the 52-page manual full of information, Scripture and statistics. The text is a Christian book which provides lots of great insight.

In EG more than one in 20 people are HIV+. Married women are at the greatest risk of contracting HIV. One-third of all pregnant women between 15 and 25 years of age are HIV+.

Erin’s class has been lively. She has had to try to convince many of her students mosquitos and manicures are not modes of transmission. Some students believe witches can infect someone with HIV from a distance. Erin has had to discuss all these topics in a culture where sex is not talked about.

Please pray God is glorified through Erin and her students.