Mike Completes Teaching Acts Class

wp_20161129_014On Friday Mike finished teaching a class on “The Book of Acts” at the Malabo campus of our IBCP seminary. The two-week course was taught to 15 students who are pastors and church leaders in the capital city of Malabo on the island of Bioko.

Mike provided each student with a free copy of John MacArthur’s commentary on Acts in Spanish. For some of the students this was the first theology book they have ever owned.

wp_20161129_005The class was taught at night in a cramped classroom of a Christian high school. The students took two exams, wrote one paper, had small group discussions and each gave two oral presentations.

Mike hit all the major points of Luke’s book about the early church. Several spirited debates were had about the Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifts of tongues and prophecy. The students were very engaged and very respectful throughout the class.

Please pray God is glorified by the preaching and teaching of the students who attended Mike’s course.