Erin Holds Medical Clinic In Church

On Tuesday Erin hosted a medical clinic at Bethel Church in the neighborhood of Lia in our city. This Assemblies of God congregation is headed by Pastor Policarpo Nsue. This mercy event was a major blessing for Pastor Nuse’s ministry and the congregation.

Erin treated 20 patients. She was helped by her three national nurses who continue to volunteer to benefit their own community, Elaina, Calixto and Jesus. It is exciting to see these three medically trained, Christian helpers have a desire to impact their own culture.

A large percentage of the patients had abnormally high blood pressure. One lady had such high blood pressure that her numbers wouldn’t come up on the automatic blood pressure cuff and Erin had to manually check it. This women had such bad blood pressure that Erin told her it was emergency and she need to immediately go to the hospital.

Erin treated two pre-diagnosed diabetics. Erin also diagnosed two women with urinary tract infections. She provided three children vitamin A (for vision) and parasite medication.

Much of Erin’s big impact at this clinic was in the area of patient education. She helped educate numerous patients on how they could change their health by changing their diet and not spending money they didn’t have on medicine. This type of service is greatly beneficial and can positively impact a culture.