Our First Christmas Without Our Daughter

In the past 12-years our family has spent Christmas in England, Panama, Honduras and the U.S. This will be our first Christmas in Africa. But, it will also be the first time in 20 years we will be apart from our daughter Maddy.

You may recall that Maddy was with us in Central Africa during her summer break from college. The cost to fly her to and from Africa is prohibitive, so we are only planning on seeing her once a year. The next time we will all be together as a family will be Christmas of 2017.

Thanks to our frequent flyer miles and Mike’s family Maddy has flown from John Brown University to California to spend Christmas with Mike’s family. We are very sad we will not be with our daughter at Christmas, but thrilled she will not be alone.

Please pray for our broken little hearts as we spend our first Christmas separated from our daughter.

One thought on “Our First Christmas Without Our Daughter”

  1. I’ll be praying for you. We won’t be with all our children this Christmas. It is hard. Specially hard for you having Christmas without your only child. We will pray for you on Wednesday also at our missions luncheon.

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