Our First Christmas In Africa

This was an odd Christmas for us, for many reasons. It wasn’t bad, just different. It was our first Christmas in Africa. It was our first Christmas without our daughter, Maddy. It was our first Christmas without a tree in 12 years.

Most of the evangelical churches and individual Christians in EG don’t celebrate Christmas. Depending on who you ask, the reasons are: Christmas is too pagan, too Catholic, it is not in the Bible, it is not Jesus’ real birthday, etc. The secular culture in EG celebrates with lights, trees and presents. Because of drunk drivers the government has made it illegal to drive on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

So, what did we do? We had a Christmas Eve dinner with a few of our non-EG friends. We finished reading from Mike’s advent devotional. We talked to our daughter a little via the internet, and we stayed home, on our hot little patio and read Scripture and watched movies.

Erin’s cooking, decorations, and Christmas music (playing since October) have made it a little more festive for us. On Christmas day it was 93 degrees, and 63% humidity, for a feels like temperature of 104.

So, it was odd, a little sad, but we had each other and we had the Risen King. And, we were happy our daughter spent the Christmas break with Mike’s family in California.