Our Living Conditions In Belgium

As we explained in our last post, Mike and Erin are in Belgium for the month of January to help train and mentor 18 new MTW missionaries going to 12 different countries. The missionaries will have lots of in-class training and lots of “out in the community” training. We are to train and accompany the new missionaries in both situations.

All of the in-class takes place at the OM ZavCentre just outside of Brussels. Mike and Erin have been put up in an 400 sq. ft. flat which is a 2o minute walk from the ZavCenter. The one-room flat comes complete with internet (literally 5000% faster than our internet at home), heat, and a kitchenette. We are in a small village called Zaventem north-east of Brussels.

The cultural and infrastructure difference with our home in Central Africa are astounding. The public transportation is amazing. The water is drinkable. There are no potholes in the streets. The streets are clean. The differences are wild.

The official languages in Belgium are Dutch, French, and German (none of which we speak), but we manage. One of the primary reasons MTW holds the Cross Cultural Missions Intensive in Brussels is because it is so very culturally diverse. There are numerous languages, ethnicities, and religions here.

It is cold , and we aren’t used to that. It will be between 20 F and 40 F the entire time we are here. So, we had dust off our jackets and gloves for the trip.

The new missionaries arrive on Sunday, blurry eyed, wary from travel, complete with tired kids and culture shock. Pray we are able to serve them and train them well.