Iranian Church Of Belgium

On Sunday Mike went with a group of new MTW missionaries to the Iranian Church Of Belgium. The church, located in downtown Brussels, was attended by about 100 Christians who were all former citizens of Iran. Mike’s group of missionaries took an hour and 30 minutes of trains and buses to get to the church.

Mike, the four new missionaries, and three missionary kids have been assigned to worship and minister with this church for the entire month. The purpose is to get the missionaries out of their comfort zone and to experience Christian worship in another language and culture.

The music, prayer, and literature was all in Farsi. Most of those who attended the church were political/religious refugees fleeing Iran. They all spoke Farsi and most spoke Dutch or French, but few spoke English. For fear of the safety of the members of the church, and their families back in Iran, we were forbidden to take any pictures of anyone in the church.

The worship service was a fun mix of Christian tradition and Persian culture. It was amazing to worship Jesus Christ with these formerly Muslim brothers and sisters.

After service our group mingled and talked with the members of the church. Those former Iranians who knew English helped us have conversations with those who knew none. Our group heard some amazing personal stories of persecution, torture, and death. We prayed for some of our Iranian Christian brothers who were ostracized by their families and others who feared for the safety of their families back in Iran.

Mike and these missionaries will return to the Iranian Church to worship each Sunday and have been invited to join our Iranian Christian brothers for a midweek Bible study and women’s group.

Please pray our group can learn more about the Iranian culture and about worshiping Christ in a Persian manner. And, please pray for our Iranian brothers and sisters and their saved and unsaved families back in Iran.